The attention to quality and detail is also inherent in our approach to mixing and mastering, using industry standard software and hardware to process and mix raw source material. We use DAW software Logic Pro 9, Avid Protools 10, and Motu Digital Performer 8, all running on MacBook Pros, and a Mac Pro. Processing software such as Sonnox Elite, SoundToys, Melodyne, Drumagog, Elemental Audio, PSP, Izotope Rx and many others are used to enhance and finish mixes to duplication standard. We can repair and fix problems on multitrack sessions for clients who have recorded their material elsewhere, whether that is removal of air conditioning background noise, or pitch correcting less than ideal singing or instrumental performances, through to fixing timing on wayward drumtracks and sound replacement.

Professional monitoring in the form of PMC AML1s are used to ensure the right decisions are made during mixing and mastering. We can provide finished mixes in whatever format is required ( apart from wax cylinder! ); Cdr master, DDP image master or for web distribution.

We understand that speed and cost effectiveness are really important in today's rapidly changing music business and can provide a fast and competitively priced solution to any of your requests. Call us at any time and be assured of a professional and friendly response. How your project turns out is as important to us as it is to you.

Location Location Location has become a bit of a cliché of late but nevertheless it remains as important in a recording context as the quality of the equipment, and the knowledge and experience of the engineers.

Feeling comfortable with the recording environment is, we feel, an important part of the vibe which frees the client, enabling them to perform to the best of their abilities.

The acoustic characteristics of the space are as important to the quality of the final recording as the choice of microphones, pre-amps, and monitors. With this in mind we select spaces that we consider to be the most suitable for the type of music being recorded; whether it be acoustic or electric jazz, indie rock, Gregorian chants, male voice choirs, solo singers, or symphony orchestras.

We can take the best equipment to the best place for the recording. This coupled with our sympathetic and experienced approach means that you will have everything on your side in the process of achieving great performances and recordings.

Just bring your talent and ideas.

We are constantly looking for interesting and acoustically suitable locations for recording. This group of restored 17th century barns provides an idyllic retreat with superb acoustic properties close to motorway and rail links less than two hours drive from London and one and a half hours from Birmingham. A separate smaller Barn provides an isolation area.

Other locations we have used have included Old school houses, public libraries, college halls, and private houses. We can provide you with a package tailored to your requirements—no more paying for a complete studio installation.