Matthew Devenish

Matthew began his journey into sound exploration during the early eighties experimenting in various London studios during the graveyard shift. This journey has encompassed working in a number of areas of the studio industry, taking him from the hallowed steps of Abbey Road, through the "powerhouse" that is Metropolis into the ultimate in artist owned studios Peter Gabriel's Realworld.

His qualifications include an M.A. from Oxford University in Engineering Science. He is sought after as a music technology educationalist, having lectured on the subject and acted as consultant on the specification and installation of numerous artist owned studios (Nigel Kennedy). Matthew has been called upon by one of Britain's most contemporary and exciting artists Turner prize winner Martin Creed to provide audio system solutions for interactive art installations.

Through co-directing Mu-Mu Audio, he has expanded his work running installation recording systems in manor houses, churches and even an old chicken shed! His production and engineering experience encompasses working with artists in many different fields of music, in both a studio and live sound context. This extends to live sound mixing for touring bands and at festivals and venues such as Glastonbury, A.T.P, Hammersmith Eventim Apollo and Paleo. Some of the artists worked with include: Nigel Kennedy, John Etheridge, And Also The Trees, Martin and Aine Furey, Sean Lennon and Vincent Gallo, Lydia Lunch, Aphex Twin, Laetitia Sadier, Eliza Carthy to name but a few. Some of the studios he has worked in include Abbey Road, Metropolis, Real World and Swanyard.

A highly experienced and creative producer/engineer who is equally at home dub mixing a reggae band or flying microphones to record a symphony orchestra.

Paul Jones

Paul Jones began his musical career playing in small bands as a support act during the exciting start of the progressive music scene during the early seventies. Realising that money was quite important to his continued development as a musician he played in various dance bands with his brother drummer Simon Jones. Dance bands led to rock bands and in various guises they played at all the major and minor venues in the Welsh valleys and beyond, supporting such class acts as Duane Eddy, and Screaming Lord Sutch, (RIP). As the bands became more original, increasing amounts of time were spent in recording studios, where new interests and talents were developed.

Starting a PA hire company saw work with artists such as Alex Harvey, Vice Squad, Choice Treats for Children, Aswad, Steve Gibbons, Consultancy work in venues as varied as Hyde Park (Supertramp) and The Albert hall (The Militant Tendency).

A complete career change in the late eighties saw a shift into the world of aviation where Paul became a pilot who to this day still flies jet aircraft around the skies of Europe and beyond. Having to relearn the technology of digital recording has proved to be an exacting challenge but one that has enabled Paul to re-enter the world of recording with some fresh ideas coupled with an old-fashioned approach to customer relations (they are always right you know).

Paul, along with Matthew looks after the day-to-day practicalities of running Mu-Mu, and as well as putting his technical knowledge to good use is usually the first to pick up the soldering iron, whether it is to repair a Soundfield cable severed an hour before a concert or designing and building vintage valve mics and preamps.